Production process of good dress manufacturer

Riya Fashion has its dress factory at Mumbai, India and is engaged in the manufacturing of women’s fashion clothing wholesale. The production process of the dress factory is designed in the line of most modern and versatile fashion dress producer comparable to international standards. Right from the recruitment of officers and staff for the production jobs the management of the company has followed scientific procedure in order to get the best results. It has a dedicated quality control team headed by talented quality control expert in the field of dress manufacturing. Riya Fashion has already put its mark in the international arena and many retailers from foreign countries have given orders for manufacturing their brand products on them. Such countries include USA, UK, Australia, Finland, Italy and some Middle East countries.

The production process starts with sampling department. Sampling is the core activity guided by the quality control department. It begins with the fabric. In case of outsourcing jobs, the client company is taken into confidence by taking approval of the suitability of the raw material prior to proceeding further. Five top ranked fashion designers are in the jobs of fashion designing and pattern making. They are well versed in the updated pattern making software. The production of dresses is taken as per the client design or as per various designs provided in our catalogue. The factory has no reservation in sharing the catalogue with the clients and the high end clients can take the opportunity of deciding the design for their future brand products. Riya Fashion is well equipped to manufacture their own product range as well as catering to the needs of the clients following their shared designs. Privacy is the most respected word for the staff of the dress factory and they vow not to share any shared information to other clients. The company is ready to happily come to agreements confirming their privacy policy.

Private label manufacturing is in-built in the production process. Once the production of fashion dresses wholesale is taken up, the client’s interest merges with that of the dress manufacturer. It will never allow the image of the clients and the goodwill of the brands to spoil. The factory has the expertise in developing custom label product. The brand products can be distinctly differentiated from the others in spite of their being manufactured from the same factory. Development of new lines of products is the aim of the R&D department. Services such as buyer label services, designing services and OEM services are offered for the clients. The company’s own product lines are exported to many countries all over the world.

The factory has in-house facility for cutting fabric using modern cutting machine and large cutting tables. Fabrics are also dyed and printed in-house.

The capacity of the factory is 5000 to 10,000 pieces per month. The product range includes designer wear, sexy party wear, casuals, machine embroidery, gowns, hand embroidery, printing, bead work etc. Though the capacity is quite high the factory always agrees to accept MOQ as low as 100 pieces / design. They undertake the responsibility of door delivery and stick to the delivery commitments.

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