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We have with us renowned fashion designers coming out with trend setting designs. Our designers have wide exposure to the customers all over the world. Through seminars and conferences they continuously exchange ideas with reputable fashion designers across the world. They are competent both in traditional as well as modern designs and brings in subtle changes which cause extraordinary effect on the dress material. Our designers not only flow with the modern trends in the world of fashion but also initiate new trends that stimulate creativity and influence the customers. Though we are fully equipped to design our dresses, but we also cater to the private label clothing requirements of our clients. We follow their designs and also keep everything pertaining to our client private and confidential.

CAD computerized pattern making:

Sampling and pattern making is done in latest Computer aided design machine. This ensures fast and accurate pattern making.

Material Sourcing:

We have our expert sourcing team who select best quality materials from the market. Care is taken to see that all bought out items are of best standards. Our quality assurance team scrutinizes the purchased items such as fabric, dye, threads etc.


Sampling is a highly technical and creative job. Our sampling department is lead by experienced and talented fashion designers who are proficient in fashion designing latest software. We can do original sampling or as per the design given by the client in the cases of private label clothing orders.

Printing & Dyeing:

Printing is done using the latest digital technology. Sampling works involve printing on paper and fabric. The printing has got to be of proper concentration, complying with the screen printing. This is used for the manufacturing. Latest software is used for printing.

Machine Embroidery:

We have modern machines for embroidery. With machine embroidery it is possible to get exact the pattern or designs which is required by our clients. The data is then fed into the digital machine which produces the design to the minutest details. It takes minimum time as well as cost.

Sequence and hand embroidery:

For our clients who are inclined to the hand works, we have with us experienced experts for carrying out hand embroidery. Beautiful floral and other patterns are made by our experts with exquisite results.

Custom trim development:

Trims are used for value addition to the dress. Our creative experts make different types of trims such as embroidery, laces, beads, thread work and many more.

Private label, custom label, tags and bar code service:

Tags and bar code services are important in this digital world. In order to ease accounting we provide these services to our private label and custom label clients.

Grading post sample approval:

We always involve our clients in the production process of the materials ordered by them. At every stage of production process we take the approval of our clients before we proceed for mass production. Sample approval is embedded to our production procedure.

Marker plan & Cut planning:

Meticulous planning is done before marker plan as well as cut plan.

Quality Checking:

Our quality assurance team continuously has checks at every stage of production. The products have to pass through stringent quality checks at the final stage. Even the packaging is checked by our expert quality control men so that the products reach their destination in best of forms and get ups.


Finishing is important for getting the final look of the dress. It involves cutting of extra threads, cleaning and ironing. The quality engineers keep their vigil on finishing processes.

Custom packing:

Packaging is done as per our standard procedure. When the client wants custom packaging, we cater to their demands and package the materials as per their requirements.

Dispatch and worldwide delivery:

We have a strong network of delivery services which can deliver material to any corner of the world. By availing our delivery services our clients can get the advantage of receiving their order at their door step.

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