How to Dress Perfectly According to Your Body Type?

How to Dress Perfectly According to Your Body Type?

How many times have you not bought a dress just because it was too tight? Or maybe the dress was too big for your petite body? Well, whatever the reason may have been, it is absolutely frustrating, don’t you think so? In order to find the perfect outfit, it’s necessary for you dress according to your body type, a wise idea would be to select private label clothing Suppliers. It is possible that a summer dress that looked flawless on a mannequin may look just average on you. To know how to select a dress from private label clothing manufacturers that best suits your body shape just keep reading folks!

For a pear-shaped body-

If you have a pear-shaped body, then go for fit and flare dresses that accentuate the curves of your body. Wearing such dresses will naturally focus attention on your beautiful curves. You should opt for patterned and embellished tops or dresses to give a broader look to your shoulders. The key to stand out for people of this body-type is to balance the shape of their figure by highlighting the shoulders. Use scarves, colorful necklaces or pashminas for this.

For an inverted triangle body shape

An inverted triangle body shape means that your bust and shoulders are wider than your hips. You should wear fitted jackets with thicker sleeves, voluminous skirts or pants work the best as they bring your legs into highlight thereby making your shoulders appear slim!

For a rectangular body shape

People having this body type have roughly the same size of shoulders, waist and hips. Therefore, to make one part of your body stand out or appear different than the rest, we advise you to create extra volume in one half of the body. You can do this by wearing skirts with ruffles, great details or by adding waist belts over your dresses, as for the kind of jeans, we suggest that you go for high-waist jeans. By choosing this kind of clothing you will create an illusion of having sexy curves! (Not that you’re not sexy even right now)

For an Apple-shaped body type-

An apple-shaped body means that you have broad shoulders, thinner legs and a full waist. People with this body type should wear full skirts and wide-leg pants. Short tops that don’t create an added volume are your best option. Strive to attain that perfect balance by teaming up your outfit with scarves or stoles.

For the Hourglass body type-

Having an hourglass body shape means you have a smaller waist with roughly the same-sized shoulders and hips. Any apparel that accentuates or defines your waist would look great on you! Belted dresses, wrap tops and dresses, peplum styles and bodycon dresses will make you look great as they focus on the right curves along with the narrow waist. 

Follow these tips and we’re sure that you’ll find dresses that look just perfect on you. Always remember to look for a dress that fits your body and not the other way round! Slay others with your dressing style using White Label Clothing Manufacturer and Private Label Apparel Manufacturer.


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