Dress Manufacturing in India has Long Term Prospects

Dress Manufacturing in India has Long Term Prospects

The dress manufacturing industry has undergone drastic changes due to the varying demands of the fashion market. Few years back ready to wear dresses were mainly produced targeting the children population. Gradually with the advent of brand power and standardisation of sizes enormous market demand has been created in the adult population also. Fashion has become the order of the day and everybody wants to look decent and fashionable. The get up and the look have become important considerations in offices, businesses and other day to day activities. Vast population of women has come out of their home in search of jobs and hence women dress market has also seen a purge. All these have a direct bearing on the dress manufacturing industry. The quality and availability are the two yardsticks for the brands for floating in the market. Any slack in these areas will affect the credibility. With increasing competition price has become the other front. In order to produce the dresses in affordable cost the high end brands of western as well as middle east countries are outsourcing the manufacturing part of their business to the third world countries. This is done to take advantage of the low cost of manufacturing in the third world developing countries. But the hurdles in such endeavour are the quality of the finished products as well as the delivery commitments. In spite of getting advantage in the price front the above issues keep the client companies perturbed.

India has come up as the new hub of dress manufacturers and many western companies are looking to India for the manufacturing job. Riya Fashion is a reputable Private Label Clothing Manufacturers whose dress factory is located in Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India. The high end western retailers have ultimately found their right destination in India. There are reasons for selecting Riya Fashion as their outsourcing manufacturer.

The dress factory of Riya Fashion has been built using the latest technology with the aim of satisfying the needs of the client companies. While they have their own varied product ranges as depicted in their catalogue, the factory has in-built process mainly aimed at manufacturing for the high end brand retailers. In addition to providing the products at affordable prices taking advantage of low cost of labour in India, they are well equipped to meet the needs of the clients namely quality, delivery and privacy. The process quality checks are at par with world standards. Right from the procurement of the fabric to the packing of the finished products the quality control team keeps their vigilant eyes so that at no point of time the brand’s image and goodwill are tarnished. At every point prior approval of the client is obtained and in the process the clients are also able to keep track of the production. They are also able to provide A to Z solution to the clients. In one hand they manufacture as per the design parameter of the client on the other hand full responsibility from conceptual stage to the finished product as well as door delivery can be efficiently taken up by the company.


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