Advantageous of Outsourcing Clothing Manufacturing in India

Advantageous of Outsourcing Clothing Manufacturing in India

Outsourcing is a pretty modern concept in the present day economic activities. The high end manufacturers of Europe and America are putting special emphasis on outsourcing the manufacturing part of the fashion industry to low cost Asian countries such as China and India. But India seems to be the preferable destination due to ease in approach. A vast educated population of India can read, write and speak English. This has made the communication between the western countries and the Indian manufacturer comfortable. Moreover India has sizeable number of creative as well as technically efficient people who are able to cater to the requirements of the western partners satisfactorily. In the fashion design segment the creative talent of many persons has helped building brand names all throughout the world. In this backdrop the reputed manufacturers of Europe and America are turning towards India for their needs of fashion industries.

Here are advantages of outsourcing clothing manufacturing from India

1. Saving in the cost of manufacturing accrued from the low cost of labor.
2. No liabilities and risk factor as these get transferred to the outsourcing partner.
3. Taking advantage of availability of huge work force the outsourcing country is able to manufacture huge quantity.
4. Consistency in product range and high quality is achieved.
5. The quality of product is at par with the western producers if not better
6. Meticulously sticking to the delivery schedule.

In this backdrop Riya Fashion has emerged as a well sought after destination for the reputed brands of wholesale fashion dresses. Already they are manufacturing fashion dresses for the high end European and American brands. The first reason for this is the high quality standards maintained by this Indian manufacturer. The company has huge well trained work force and hence is able to meet stringent delivery commitment without fail.

The highly creative fashion designers belonging to the company are able to meet even the design needs of the parent companies. While the company is well placed in manufacturing according to the design requirements of the brands, it is also well equipped to share the design and printing responsibilities if required. With this some oriental tone is given to the wholesale women’s dresses which will be highly appreciated by the western as well as Asian consumers.

The expertise level of the Indian workers and designers especially in the field of dress manufacturing and fashion designing have reached all time height. The world is coming to the doors of the Indian clothing manufacturers for exploring the novel approaches and opening new trend in the realm of world fashion industry. Even in the case of wholesale maxi dresses which are considered to be less choosy options, the Indian designers have brought in new expressions. It is a joyful experience wearing the maxi and the designer maxis are well sought after items in the western markets.

At Riya Fashions you get the best quality dresses at highly reasonable prices within the committed delivery period to the overseas customers. Riya Fashion is your right destination in India for outsourcing the dress manufacturing.


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