5 Tips on Finding the Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers For Production

5 Tips on Finding the Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers For Production

For any aspiring young designer wanting to make a name in the intensely competitive world of clothing; success is the proper organization and vendor management. Most designers in India do not have their own manufacturing units, but have fittings and designing workshop instead. The bulk production of their retail designs and general clothing lines are mass produced by capable private label clothing suppliers who already have the necessary production resources. Further down the line, a wide range of wholesalers and distributors are needed to help these clothes reach retail shelves and direct online stores.

Here are 5 tips to help you find the best private label apparel manufacturers in India who can help you develop your brand with high-quality products :

#1 – The Relationship with Your Manufacturer: As a designer working with an independent private label clothing supplier; you are entrusting the value and worth of your brand on another enterprise. This is a very critical decision, and such relationships take years to develop. Even if you have certain initial problems and conflicts with your manufacturer; these problems will later turn out to be important lessons and references for the future. The designer also gets a better understanding of total expenses when they find a reliable manufacturing vendor.

#2 – Investigating Local Wholesalers: It is very important designers to carefully survey and investigate all the local wholesalers and their products. This will give you a realistic and grounded idea of the target market and its expectations. While learning about the local wholesalers big and small; you will also find the leads and contacts that will help you move your products in bulk from the wholesale markets to the retailers and outlets. Often, the bulk manufacturer themselves engage in wholesale activities; which makes the entire process much more simplified. It also reduces a few extra costs for manufacturing and selling!


#3 – Online Clothing Distributors: Since almost every business has gone online, the story is no different from any private label apparel manufacturers. As direct production units, these enterprises have a vast supply of popular designs in bulk. While retailing them directly is an entirely different game; distribution online is much less complicated. The manufacturers become direct distributors, and this helps cut down on the cost of goods.

#4 – Joining Industry Groups and Forums: It is very important for any new designer to become the member of industry groups and forums of the garments and fashion industry well before they engage in production. It takes several months of communication and liaison before these associations and commercial entities recognize your brand for its value. Before becoming a recognized member of any chambers of commerce or industry forums; it is best to keep limited production volume and engage more in publicity and brand building activities.

#5 – The Major B2B Marketplaces: One of the more complicated and important tasks of any private label clothing suppliers in India is to identify and understand the major B2B marketplaces. Unless the designer is capable of retailing their brand with the necessary investment towards developing any fashion business; their products will reach the consumers through several channels of retail. These include local wholesale markets, as well as new online B2B marketplaces where the industry congregates for commercial interactions.


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