F YMonth: April 20, 2017

Dress Manufacturing in India has Long Term Prospects

The dress manufacturing industry has undergone drastic changes due to the varying demands of the fashion market. Few years back ready to wear dresses were mainly produced targeting the children population. Gradually with the advent of brand power and standardisation of sizes enormous market demand has been created in the adult population also. Fashion has […]

Advantageous of Outsourcing Clothing Manufacturing in India

Outsourcing is a pretty modern concept in the present day economic activities. The high end manufacturers of Europe and America are putting special emphasis on outsourcing the manufacturing part of the fashion industry to low cost Asian countries such as China and India. But India seems to be the preferable destination due to ease in […]

The Popular Fabrics for Wholesale Ladies Dress

There can be innumerable choices for the ladies wholesale dresses. If we talk about the formals or the casuals the choices can be endless. But for the perfect quality and design the source is very important. Nowadays all the branded dresses are manufactured by the outsourcing factory in India. Riya Fashion is one such reputable […]